With a vision to bring a library in every creative community in the Philippines, Kwago continuously works with equally passionate individuals and organizations to create programs to nurture a deep love for reading and keep print alive.


Co-designed with Warehouse Eight, Komura; is an independent initiative that aims to explore creative ways to make and experience literature. Since its launched in November 2018, it has evolved from being just a book fair and has spawned new programs that seek to provide holistic support for the readers and storytellers community: Komura; Studio (talks and workshop), Pixel (transmedia storytelling), Creators Grant (funding for creators), Playground (zine market) and Directory (online database of independent and specialty creators and shops). More details about Komura; are found in our website.

Book Bar

At the doorstep of Warehouse Eight, Kwago book bar is a tiny literary respite and retail space that carries and showcases Kwago’s growing inventory and library. It has a fiction-inspired coffee and cocktail bar.

A Curated Shelf

Initiated by Kwago founder Czyka Tumaliuan and art curator and poet Roy Voragen, A Curated Shelf is a platform for critical and playful dialogues about literature and the potential of publishing as medium of self-expression and discourse.

A Curated Shelf invites a guest curator to select, assemble and feature 15 works that provoke critical and creative thinking and explores the possibilities of a book—new, old, from Kwago’s inventory, and/or sourced by Kwago. Designed like an exhibition, every curated shelf and the works displayed in it will come with personal notes from the curator and a forum at the book bar.

More details here.


A non-profit initiative, KOPYA (the word for “copy” in Filipino) is Kwago’s collaborative digital archiving and library project that seeks to democratize access to publications on the sciences and the humanities. The team is digitizing printed Filipiniana and storing it into a DIY, Raspberry Pi-based offline file-sharing and communications device with a free library software. KOPYA has designed workshops that would teach absolutely anyone to assemble the library from scratch.


Co-founded with Warehouse Eight, Echoes is an independent community and platform for musicians and poets to freely express who they are in an intimate space where the audience is not expecting to be entertained but just to embrace and celebrate the beauty of the craft. Echoes brings guests and artists together in a warm setting where there’s no line separating them connecting communities in a very human way.


Committed to connect readers and writers in an intimate way, Kwago is setting up after-hours conversations on publishing at the book bar, featuring writers and artists we love!

Open Space

Open Space is Kwago’s platform for anyone to do an activity or project at our book bar at Warehouse Eight. If it fits our mission and vision of making people fall in love with reading and books, we will help you develop and launch it! If you wish to apply, kindly fill up this application form: bit.ly/kwagoopenspaceapplication. And send an email of confirmation and intent to: isipkwago@gmail.com. Use the subject: Open Space Application.


Comma and Kwago present a series of intimate conversations with artists, activists and other public intellectuals at Kwago Book Bar.